Bespoke Atelier's Modular Wallcovering System

gives you the freedom to create your own design combinations

through a flexible range of interchangeable wallpapers.

Available online exclusively at or directly at

Our debut wallpaper collection, 'Glasshouse' features geometric shapes and botanical elements inspired by the relationship between the garden greenhouse and urban architecture. The collection features seven interchangeable designs in two colourways, Dawn and Dusk, offering distinct atmospheres to choose from.


The wallpaper is sold in nine-metre rolls each containing three lengths of multi-directional patterns, which can be used together or separately, horizontally or vertically, to create exactly the effect required by each project, providing a unique result every time.

 The possibilities are endless: any combination of different designs and colours can be used alongside each other. Or, alternatively a single roll can be applied to enhance any space with a punctuation of flexibility and freedom.