Almondvale Park

Almondvale Park

 Almondvale Park is a country park running along the banks of the River Almond in the heart of Livingston. Our involvement in the upgrade of the Park included the installation of hand-painted and spray-painted colourful murals designed to brighten the concrete underpasses. The aim of this project was to create a safe and attractive place for locals to walk through, relax and discover.

The Almond River, which connects the four sites, bends in the shape of an interesting ox-bow which gently curves between the under bridges. The concrete geometric structures of the bridges and underpasses define the sites in addition to the surrounding natural environment.

The bold colourful patterns created for the four sites are an abstract representation of the local plants and wildlife. They celebrate the relationship between the natural environment and Livingston's industrial past combining geometric industrial shapes and botanical elements. We also looked at maps of the town and housing developments encouraging movement through the space which connects the riverside to residential areas.

A series of community consultations through discussions, walks and creative workshops provided local people with the opportunity to talk about their town and get involved in the project as a whole.

The Bespoke Atelier team hand painted the murals over a three week period during the Summer 2015 and participated in an unveiling event shortly after.

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