Bespoke Atelier is a surface and textile design studio based in Glasgow established inĀ 2011 by

Yvonne Elliott-Kellighan and Marion Parola after studying at The Glasgow School of Art.

The name of our company mirrors our design process; creating tailor-made pieces in our atelier, or workshop.


Meantime Craftsmen Project - Marion and Yvonne (blonde), Glasgow

Our studio creates patterns and illustrations on specialised materials for interior design, architecture and public realm projects. With a background in textile design our creative approach is pattern and texture driven, focusing upon creating graphic and tactile qualities to enhance spaces. Our designs complement the environments in which they are placed, making a visual impact to suit their location.

Our versatile, hand drawn approach to designing pattern allows our pieces to fit within a myriad of spaces. We work with a combination of traditional and contemporary methods to apply our designs to a range of materials such as paper, textiles, wood or metal, as well as investigating innovative techniques such as casting in concrete or layering designs within fibre glass. This inquisitive approach to material exploration and choice has allowed our artworks to fit within a wide range of sites; from large outdoor sculptures in the public realm to residential wallpapers.

Bespoke Atelier work frequently for local councils within education and healthcare services and with private developers, heritage properties, restaurants and museums including collaboration with a range of other creative professionals.

Clients include; Deutsche Bank, Scotrail, Glasgow Housing Association, NHS Scotland, Page\Park Architects, National Museum of Scotland, Scottish Canals, Glasgow Life, Aberdeenshire Council, Glasgow City Community Health Partnership, Northlight Heritage, West Lothian Council.